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Testing the Limits of the Latest Superfood

As reported last week, Natural Products Expo West 2008 was abuzz with new-to-market superfoods. Yet one in particular has garnered a great deal of curiosity for its nutritional merit, incredible versatility, and unique modern history. Decades ago, I recall sitting in front of the TV, listening to Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet jingle that still rings clearly in […]

Cancer Fighting Foods

Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is certainly a terrific foundation to any diet, but it gets bumped up a notch when you’re consciously choosing foods that may decrease your risk of developing ovarian cancer, which happens to be the fifth-leading cancer killer among women.
Amping up your intake of low-fat, high-fiber foods, like […]

The Athlete Gourmet - Power Breakfasts

While on this new intensive workout plan my husband and I have been doing, I’ve found that my usual breakfast hasn’t been quite enough to sustain me till lunch. So after looking around and testing different heartier breakfast options, I’ve settled on one that seems to always do the trick. The best part […]

All About Emmer

When my fiance was diagnosed with diabetes in 2005, we thought his days of eating rice and pasta were over. He has very little trouble with pizza, and can usually split a dessert with me when we go out to eat, but foods like risotto, penne puttenesca, and lasagna were largely off the table. Luckily […]

Deliciously Hearty Stuffed Bell Peppers

The other night I prepared some stuffed green peppers for dinner.  The two lone peppers looked so compact in the baking dish that I was certain we would both walk away hungry.  To my pleasant surprise, each pepper revealed a fantastic full meal, enough to satisfy even after a good bout of exercise. 
My bell pepper […]

Eat Popcorn for Your Health?

If the Iowa Women’s Health Study is to be believed (and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be), then yes, popcorn is good for your health, possibly protecting you against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Their recent study indicated that women over 55 who eat the most whole grains are 35% less likely to die from […]

Flaxseed Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment

Flaxseed has made appearances in many forms on my website. I like its nutritional profile, and the ease of adding it to smoothies and other “raw” recipes. When combined with water, ground flaxseed can also act as an egg substitute in baking. But beyond its versatility and Omega-3 benefits, it seems there may be one […]

Kracking the Code to Whole Grains

The words “whole grains” may have meant very little to Americans only two or three years ago, but now that buzz-worthy term is on the tips of all mindful mothers and health conscious consumers’ tongues. Only recently has it gained such attention, and in the first few whispers of this new problem, a panic seemed […]

Discovering Delicious “Raw Food” Snacks

Something both excites and intrigues me about the concept of “raw” food. My knowledge of this culinary field has been limited to salads and hand held fruit, so it was difficult for me to even imagine how one would eat and “cook” for a raw food diet.
I have seen many raw food promotions based […]

Three Easy, Low-Fat, Power Breakfasts

We hear it time and time again: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” What does that mean, really? Some argue that the mere eating of breakfast, regardless of the contents, is the key. It seems that breakfast kick starts our metabolism, and some rationalize that since we have a […]