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The New BodyBugg vs. The Old BodyBugg

Big changes have come to the BodyBugg, making it better than ever.
Longtime readers will remember that I tried out and reviewed a BodyBugg late last year and early this year. That model, which was grey and white and used a AAA battery, has been replaced with a new slim, light black model. BodyBugg was nice […]

Raiding the Larabar Cookie Jar

After trying three “pie-style” Larabars, out of shear coincidence, I moved onto the cookie side of dessert.
Really, I don’t know how I kept myself from trialling the Ginger Snap Larabar before the “pie” selections. With a passion for potent spices, I can easily say that ginger snaps are tops on my cookie list. […]

Cookies and … Hemp Milk?

When I first read the announcement that “hemp milk” was hitting the market, I was curious, but apprehensive. It sounded like a bit of a stretch. Then, when I heard a second company was releasing their own “hemp milk,” I thought “come on, there isn’t room for two brands already, is there?”
Yet, as someone who […]

Review: Corazonas Salsa Picante Tortilla Chips

When WellFed owner Cate O’Malley offered me a sample of some Corazonas tortilla chips, I jumped at the chance to review them. They sent the chips to us for a review before I became Editor of FitFare.
So far I have tried the Salsa Picante flavor, which I really enjoyed. After receiving them at the height […]

Smart choices, conveniently

As much as most of us would like to prepare healthy, from-scratch meals every time we eat, we often find ourselves in a predicament. Eating should be a pleasure, not a chore, and a very labor-intensive cooking experience isn’t always appealing on a busy weeknight. We’re often warned about the evils of convenience […]

Comparing Pastas . . . The good, the bad and the disturbing

When I decided to undertake this project � comparing pastas � I didn�t realize what an undertaking it would be. There are so many different types, brands and styles of pasta out there and the first step was deciding what variety to focus on � I decided to do spaghettis, and I opened that up […]

Drink Your Greens

There�s nothing like a tasty glass of pond slime to get you started in the morning.

You�ve probably seem them in the supermarket, those bottles of icky green stuff, slotted in with the fancy juices and smoothies. With names like Green Goodness, Extreme Green and Green Energy, they are marketed in such a way as to […]

Kid Friendly Frozen Favorites

I’m a big believer in seasonal eating, in sustainablity, in eating fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables - you know, I’m a big believer in being perfect. I also have a 16-month-old daughter. Thus far, one of the most important parenting lessons I’ve learned is that perfection is impossible, and trying to be perfect […]

Exploring Wasasbi

Wasabi. Did you just get a flash of a bad memory where someone tricked you into trying it and ignited your sinuses, ensuring that you wouldn�t willingly try it again? Did you just think “wa-what?” Or do your ears perk up, as mine do, at the mention of anything new/unusual and hot? […]

Granola Bars - Not For Breakfast Anymore

Remember in the 70s when the humble granola bar resembled a stick of particle board and tasted about the same. We found them in our lunchboxes because they were supposed to be a healthy treat that wouldn’t rot our teeth. Then in the 80s, someone came up with the idea to make those granola bars […]