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Easy Raw Recipes to Supercharge Your Day

One would think that raw food, essentially food in its most simplistic form, would be so incredibly simple to make. Yet, for some reason the very idea of eating raw just sounds so darn complicated. Soaking nuts for hours and even days, purchasing pricey juicers, slowly dehydrating fruits and veggies … who has the […]

Testing the Limits of the Latest Superfood

As reported last week, Natural Products Expo West 2008 was abuzz with new-to-market superfoods. Yet one in particular has garnered a great deal of curiosity for its nutritional merit, incredible versatility, and unique modern history. Decades ago, I recall sitting in front of the TV, listening to Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet jingle that still rings clearly in […]

Energy Bites Outweigh Bars in Flavor

Several months ago I had the opportunity to sample a selection of snacks called Chunks of Energy™. Basically an energy bar broken down into an easily pop-able form, I was more than pleasantly surprised with their unique ingredients and taste. Needless to say, I was excited when a little gift package from Dancing […]

Snackable Superfood: Goji Berries

Some time ago I had my first sampling of goji berries from The Raw Bakery. Otherwise known as wolfberries, those little gems had a slight licorice bite combined with a nice dried raspberry-like backdrop. They weren’t overpowering by any means, but the flavor was intriguing. Though I definitely enjoyed this dried fruit variation, the price […]

Did Someone Say Sushi Party?

Once a week, my husband and I pay a visit to our favorite sushi restaurant and order the sashimi platter. It comes with a generous assortment of thickly sliced fish that literally melts in my mouth with a rich buttery flavor. I justify the indulgence by knowing that I am getting loads of […]

Joy of Uncooking

Hi, I’m Terilynn and I eat raw foods. That means on any given day I eat fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts and sprouted grains. I consider myself more of a raw foodie than a raw foodist, as you will notice from my posts. They lean more toward raw cuisine as an […]