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Cilantro Lime Sorbet

This is the first summer in 6 years that my fiancé, Dan, has had air conditioning. I was lucky enough to have an air-conditioned apartment while I lived in Baltimore. Our first apartment in D.C. was not air-conditioned and we spent last summer sweltering in the muggy Washington heat. I’ll admit that, […]

Come On Over, Cupcake!

A few weeks ago, the local supermarket put boxes of Pillsbury cake mix on sale, enticing shoppers with a price so low that even I, a girl with an avowed distaste for cakes from a box, couldn’t resist. I snapped up three boxes.
Two disappointing cupcake recipes later, I was ready to go in an entirely […]

Apple-Squash Dessert

Before departing for my birthday celebration in glamorous Miami, my lifestyle—more specifically, my kitchen—is filled with good for you, get into shape, don’t-even-think-about-ice- cream type of regimens. Usually consisting of some serious sweaty yoga sessions, sunless tanning accidents- I say accident, because I always end up with brown streaks gracing my knees and other […]

Testing the Limits of the Latest Superfood

As reported last week, Natural Products Expo West 2008 was abuzz with new-to-market superfoods. Yet one in particular has garnered a great deal of curiosity for its nutritional merit, incredible versatility, and unique modern history. Decades ago, I recall sitting in front of the TV, listening to Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet jingle that still rings clearly in […]

Decadent Double-Chocolate Bundt Cake That Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes you just want chocolate cake. Chocolate chocolate cake. Dense, dark, fudgy, rich, decadent chocolate cake. Are you with me? The March issue of Cooking Light magazine has a recipe for Decadent Double Chocolate Bundt Cake that just called to me. “Called” is perhaps too mild a term. It was […]

Light & Easy Bananas with a Dairy-Free Caramel Sauce

The other day I stumbled across a cool recipe website called Allergycooks. As you may have guessed, the site caters to food allergies, though they are a bit more dedicated than most. All of the recipes from Allergycooks are free from wheat, egg and dairy products. The site is based out of the […]

Don’t Peel Those Apples

Yes, I realize that the peak of apple season has passed, but it seems that somewhere in the world apples are being harvested with fervor, as my local market continues to put several varieties of these beauties on sale. And I must admit, I am grateful, as my hearty apple crisp cravings seem to […]

Joy of Uncooking - Fruitcake

In the spirit of the holiday season, let’s learn fun facts about Fruitcakes.

In ancient Egypt, fruit cake was considered an essential food for the afterlife, demonstrating both wealth and respect.
In the 1700s, Europeans baked a ceremonial fruitcake at the end of the nut harvest. It was saved and eaten the following year, in hopes of […]

Fresh Berries with a Limoncello-Mascarpone Cream

It’s official. Summer’s over. Yet, September is one of those in-between months, which makes deciding what to eat a little tricky.
I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready for apple pie and pumpkin bread. Indeed, with many summer fruits still in season, I plan on enjoying a few more light, fruity desserts before […]

Pistachios Boost Hearth Health

Not one, but two studies from researchers at Penn State reported on beneficial health findings for this simple little green nut (technically a seed) at the 2007 Experimental Biology meeting in Washington, D.C. It seems this nutritional powerhouse has the ability to tackle heart disease from two angles, cholesterol and blood pressure. In one […]