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Roasted Asparagus Salad with Goat Cheese and Bread Crumbs

To be completely honest, I wanted to post this picture and just write two words: make this. Or maybe MAKE THIS. Because some recipes don’t need words. They just need a call to action.
But then I worried that perhaps that wouldn’t be enough to entice you to make this recipe. And I […]

Taco Salad: A Tortilla Lover’s Way to Move On

One of the hardest things about adjusting to my slowing metabolism and suburban lifestyle has been adapting our favorite recipes into healthier ones. This, unfortunately, has meant giving up a lot of our favorite foods- or at least dramatically reducing how often we eat them.
For instance, my favorite dinner is Taco Night. While […]

Creamy Dill Dressing

Now that the weather is warming up a bit, we have started eating more salads. Before going gluten-free we used to buy all the creamy, fat-laden Ranch and Italian dressings, but ever since finding this recipe in a magazine I don’t buy any store-bought dressings anymore. It is very light and perfect for those warm […]

Pantry Staples: Rice Salad on a Budget

By Ralph and Patti Villers.  We have been on a kick making salads lately. Not your typical leafy green salad, but one made from ordinary and prosaic items, such as grains that we often keep in the pantry. Given the current (high) price of gasoline recently, we employed a ‘raid the pantry only’ strategy. Happily, this […]

Joy of Uncooking -Thai Summer Salad

Thai food is known for its use of fresh herbs and taste balancing of spicy, sweet, sour, salty and bitter. I enjoy playing with the flavors. For this recipe, think of the ingredients in a summer roll on a crisp and clean salad.
Thai Summer Salad
Serves 8
2 cucumbers, julienned
2 carrots, julienned
2 Thai peppers, […]

Barley and Bean Salad

By Ralph Villers
With help from Patti Villers

We tolerated a Nor’easter last week, so we are thinking about a summer salad. Further, we have been looking for another use for barley. Of course, just about everybody has probably had barley in a soup, as did we last week. However, we are intrigued about other uses of […]

Joy of Uncooking

Hi, I’m Terilynn and I eat raw foods. That means on any given day I eat fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts and sprouted grains. I consider myself more of a raw foodie than a raw foodist, as you will notice from my posts. They lean more toward raw cuisine as an […]

Marinated Shrimp Salad

Give me a salad like this and I’ll happily eat my greens every day of the week. A tried-and-true favorite in our house, this Marinated Shrimp Salad was clipped from a Bon Appetit issue many years ago, and is ideal for both casual dinners and for when we entertain.
It does not take much more […]

Cajun Cooking: Potato Salad

I am a purist when it comes to potato salad. Potatoes, eggs, mayo, mustard and a little salt and pepper. I like to boil my potatoes in crab boil which makes them extra spicy, then use creole mustard for even more zest. To lighten this dish, I reduced the quantity of […]

Power Up Your Salad with Protein

As a vegetarian who lives in a year-round warm weather climate, I eat a lot of salads. As someone who works out regularly, I can tell you that a bowl of romaine, tomatoes, and cucumbers just won’t cut it. I need to include some source of protein which helps build and maintain muscle and keeps […]