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Cajun Cooking: Cajun Burgers

I have fond memories of the hamburgers my father would cook for me when I was child in Louisiana. At that time hamburger meat was just called ground beef. One size fits all. Some markets had a choice between ground sirloin or ground chuck. No one knew or cared much […]

Cajun Cooking: Dirty Rice

One of my Cajun grandmother’s standard Sunday dinner items was a dish called dirty rice. And hers was the best. The main ingredients in the dish are usually white rice and chicken liver or giblets. The meat gives the dish a dark color. The version of dirty rice I like to […]

Cajun Cooking: Crawfish Dip

During this time of the year there seem to be so many reasons to get together with friends and celebrate. There are bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and summer holidays. The list goes on and on.
One of my favorite party foods is crawfish dip. I was introduced to this appetizer at my own […]

Cajun Cooking: Potato Salad

I am a purist when it comes to potato salad. Potatoes, eggs, mayo, mustard and a little salt and pepper. I like to boil my potatoes in crab boil which makes them extra spicy, then use creole mustard for even more zest. To lighten this dish, I reduced the quantity of […]

Cajun Cooking: Summer Green Bean Casserole

I set myself two goals for the summer. First, I want to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and next, I want to try more new recipes. I have been neglecting shelves full of cookbooks and binders full of recipe clippings for too long.
Joining a CSA this summer has helped to achieve goal number one. […]

Cajun Cooking: New Orleans Crab Cakes

I am a big fan of boiled crabs. As a child in New Orleans, maybe aged 4 or 5, my parents would take me to Brunings Restaurant at West End to share a meal with my dad’s family. The table would be stacked high with hot boiled crabs and we would all eat with abandon. […]

Cajun Cooking: Sweet Potato Muffins

Since I like sweet potatoes so much, I wanted to share another recipe. As noted in a previous post on sweet potato fries, the sweet potato dishes I grew up with in the South, laden with fat and sugar, were far from fit fare. While scanning through one of my cookbooks, Enola Prudhomme’s […]

Cajun Cooking: Crawfish Etouffee

I had the good fortune to visit Louisiana last week to attend my sister’s wedding in the French Quarter and spend some quality time in my home state. Whenever I visit I manage a five pound weight gain in less than a week. There is this compulsive desire to eat every […]

Cajun Cooking: Southern Biscuits

Whenever I think of biscuits I think of Frank’s Smokehouse Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These biscuits are NOT healthy, but you need a fix every once in a while.
To tide me over in the intervening months I have a favorite biscuit recipe that I make for my family. I have yet […]

Cajun Cooking: Macque Choux

Most people outside of Louisiana (and even a few from the area) are unfamiliar with this dish. After all you don’t see Macque Choux (pronouced Mock Shoo) on too many menus. It’s actually a phrase the Cajuns in South Louisiana use to describe a creamed corn dish, introduced by Native Americans in the […]