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Arnold’s Sandwich Thins

A few months ago my future in-laws turned us on to Arnold’s Sandwich Thins. The rolls are baked up thin and sliced open for sandwiches, which results in a low calorie bread. They are also high in fiber, which is more diet-friendly than a lot of other breads we relish.
At first, I was skeptical. I […]

Plan Ahead to Eat Smart

With a recession rearing its ugly head in our grocery carts, it’s time for meal planning to make the leap from the frugal and the hyper-organized to the general population. Menu planning can save you money on food while also providing the health-promoting benefits of a nutritious diet and reduced stress, all without killing your […]

Spiced-Up Healthy Recipe Contest

Listen up, fans of America’s favorite quirky grocery chain: The authors of the independently produced cookbook Cooking with Trader Joe’s are holding a recipe contest in honor of National Nutrition Month.
The contest’s theme is spices. The authors are looking for recipes that reduce unhealthy ingredients in favor of the kicked-up tastes of cumin, basil, and […]

Nogurt Does Yogurt, Free-From-Style

If I had to pick the biggest dairy-free food buzz for 2008, it would be yogurt.  That tummy taming food was in the media more times last year than Paris Hilton, and milk-free manufacturers have been working hard to come out with options for those who are milk allergic, lactose challenged, or otherwise adverse to […]

CSA Recap - My First Summer with a CSA

So, now that we’re well into the doldrums of fall, my Community Supported Agriculture program has finally wrapped up. So how did it go? Well, overall, it went very well. However there are definitely aspects for improvement, both from the CSA and from me.
 (Editor’s Note: Each CSA runs differently. So, some of the items mentioned […]

My First CSA Report

Well, this weekend I will pick up my third CSA box of the summer. You may remember that I was a little hesitant about signing up for a CSA because I wasn’t sure I could find enough fruits and vegetables that I wanted to eat. Well, that fear was definitely unfounded. During the winter, I […]

Should You Join a CSA?

If you shop at farmers markets, you’ve probably seen the signs for CSAs. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it’s a good way to help support your local farms while making your weekly fruit and vegetable shopping a lot easier.
With a CSA, you (typically) prepay for a weekly delivery, either to your home or […]

Green Up Your Grocery Shopping

While the saying it’s not easy being “green” still holds true in some areas, it is becoming easier to be green than ever before. That’s because of an increasing education of the general public regarding the environment and the growing willingness of local governments to take on greater ecological responsibility.
Whether you live in one of […]

Vegetarian Diet Linked To Higher IQ

Experts say that a vegetarian diet is healthier than an omnivorous one because of the excess of meat eaten by meat eaters. But now it appears that vegetarians may very well be smarter too. A study published by a Southampton University team appears to establish a link between higher than average childhood IQ and […]

7 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Food

Ecocuisine is a movement meant to promote locally grown, sustainable foods.What exactly are “sustainable foods?” Those foods produced locally by people who value fresh, nutritious, seasonal food and who are concerned with social, economic, and environmental issues of food production and distribution.
Though many people have been turned on to eating locally grown produce, many areas […]