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Nogurt Does Yogurt, Free-From-Style

If I had to pick the biggest dairy-free food buzz for 2008, it would be yogurt.  That tummy taming food was in the media more times last year than Paris Hilton, and milk-free manufacturers have been working hard to come out with options for those who are milk allergic, lactose challenged, or otherwise adverse to […]

Green Up Your Grocery Shopping

While the saying it’s not easy being “green” still holds true in some areas, it is becoming easier to be green than ever before. That’s because of an increasing education of the general public regarding the environment and the growing willingness of local governments to take on greater ecological responsibility.
Whether you live in one of […]

Vegetarian Diet Linked To Higher IQ

Experts say that a vegetarian diet is healthier than an omnivorous one because of the excess of meat eaten by meat eaters. But now it appears that vegetarians may very well be smarter too. A study published by a Southampton University team appears to establish a link between higher than average childhood IQ and […]

Expo West Sets the Stage for this Year’s Natural Food Trends

Bigger and reportedly better than ever, Expo West 2008 was bursting at the seems this year with over 52,000 visitors (an increase of 11% over the prior year) vying for a look at the latest natural food, health, and personal care offerings from roughly 3400 exhibitors. Yes, reportedly … I couldn’t make it this year. […]

TrueBlue: Not Your Average Juice

It’s been a slow start to spring. It’s still weeks before much of the nation can pick and enjoy summer-ripened berries. If you find yourself craving the refreshingly sweet and tart flavor of fresh blueberries, I suggest that you skip the frozen section and head over to the juice aisle, where you can likely find a […]

Spring Refresher: When to Buy Organic Produce

The sun is extending its hours, the temperatures are rising, and in some parts of the world, the trees are already beginning to bloom.  In our household the transition into spring means a renewed focus on health, and a wonderful new assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide inspiration.  Yet as the in-season selections […]

Watermelon Feta Salad

In California, we’re fortunate enough to occasionally find out of season fruits during the otherwise dreary (fruit wise) winter months, and thanks to the popular Trader Joe’s and Safeway grocery store chains, selections often includes watermelon, pre-sliced and packed in a tub and ready to eat.
Most melons, but particularly watermelon, are a dieter’s friend, and […]

Seasonal Produce in the Winter?

Everyone knows that it is best to eat seasonally. Seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be nutritious. Not to mention that strawberries in the summer just taste better, right? Now with better food shipping options it is possible to get strawberries in the winter from a far off climate that taste pretty close to […]

A Mom’s Guide to Decoding Food Labels

It can be very scary going to the grocery store when you have young children. Danger seems to lurk in every aisle - sugary cartoon breakfast cereals and “juice” drinks with no real juice in them are just mild offenders compared to the killer hydrogenated oils lurking in the pastry case and pesticide-laden everything. Fortunately, […]

Are functional foods feasible?

Visit your local convenience store, and you’ll see candy fortified with calcium and vitamin C sitting amongst Snickers bars. Cruise down your grocer’s drink aisle, and you’ll see ordinary tea and water now equipped with Echinacea and St. John’s Wort. Peek down the dairy aisle, and you’ll see yogurt fortified with vitamin D. There’s no […]