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Plan Ahead to Eat Smart

With a recession rearing its ugly head in our grocery carts, it’s time for meal planning to make the leap from the frugal and the hyper-organized to the general population. Menu planning can save you money on food while also providing the health-promoting benefits of a nutritious diet and reduced stress, all without killing your […]

Spiced-Up Healthy Recipe Contest

Listen up, fans of America’s favorite quirky grocery chain: The authors of the independently produced cookbook Cooking with Trader Joe’s are holding a recipe contest in honor of National Nutrition Month.
The contest’s theme is spices. The authors are looking for recipes that reduce unhealthy ingredients in favor of the kicked-up tastes of cumin, basil, and […]

Green Up Your Grocery Shopping

While the saying it’s not easy being “green” still holds true in some areas, it is becoming easier to be green than ever before. That’s because of an increasing education of the general public regarding the environment and the growing willingness of local governments to take on greater ecological responsibility.
Whether you live in one of […]

Progresso Light Gets Lighter

If you’re watching your weight and/or counting calories, then you just may be interested in the latest hook-up in the world of food … Progresso Soup and Weight Watchers have joined forces to create a new line of soups that come in at only 60 calories and 4 grams of fiber per serving. 
For Weight Watchers […]

Cajun Cooking: Cajun Burgers

I have fond memories of the hamburgers my father would cook for me when I was child in Louisiana. At that time hamburger meat was just called ground beef. One size fits all. Some markets had a choice between ground sirloin or ground chuck. No one knew or cared much […]

A Mom’s Guide to Decoding Food Labels

It can be very scary going to the grocery store when you have young children. Danger seems to lurk in every aisle - sugary cartoon breakfast cereals and “juice” drinks with no real juice in them are just mild offenders compared to the killer hydrogenated oils lurking in the pastry case and pesticide-laden everything. Fortunately, […]

Berries for Mental Health

Recently, a study from Tufts University was published which seems to indicate that berries can improve metal health. Now we know that blueberries, in particular, are full of anti-oxidants and may even reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, so the findings of this study aren�t revolutionary. But this study is […]

Being Heart-Healthy on the Go

Sometimes you just need to rely on more products than you’d like, but luckily in this new dawn of taking care of ourselves better, manufacturers are actually keeping their eyes (and their ingredients) on producing products that are more heart-healthy.
A recent issue of Heart-Healthy Living magazine unleashed their top 10 list of the newest good-for-you […]

Granola Bars - Not For Breakfast Anymore

Remember in the 70s when the humble granola bar resembled a stick of particle board and tasted about the same. We found them in our lunchboxes because they were supposed to be a healthy treat that wouldn’t rot our teeth. Then in the 80s, someone came up with the idea to make those granola bars […]