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Low-fat and Low-carb Diets Stink!

Good fat and good carb diets rule!  One of my favorite topic headings from the agenda for the Worlds of Healthy Flavors event I recently attended was: “Why the “Low-Fat/Non-Fat” Campaign was (Mostly) a Mistake.”  The main argument asserted by the Worlds of Healthy Flavors Scientific Advisory Committee (pictured at left and explained here) against […]

Kalyn’s Kitchen: 10 Reasons to Love South Beach

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kalyn Denny of Kalyn’s Kitchen is joining us today as a special guest blogger. This is reprinted with permission from Kalyn’s Kitchen, a blog dedicated to the South Beath lifestyle.
Ten Reasons I Love the South Beach Diet
by Kalyn Denny
1. South Beach isn’t a traditional low carb diet, so after the initial two weeks, […]