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A Vegan Version of Atkins Lowers Weight and LDL

Years ago, I got interested in the Atkins diet. It sounded so perfect: you eat as much as you want and the pounds just melt away. All that was required of you was that you stop eating carbs. I did. I had virtually no carbs for months and the pounds really did just melt away […]

My Top 10 List of Dairy-Free (or Vegan) Books for Holiday Giving

I review a lot of books and cookbooks, and would venture to label myself as a self-proclaimed “expert” in the field.  That said, there are many different types of books out there for the special diet foodie … some are practical, some are simply fun, and then there is that special category of gift-worthy.
To be gift-worthy, a […]

Savor the Holidays with Pumpkin Tofu “Ricotta”

Ok, it’s getting near the holiday season. If your office brought in left over Halloween candy like mine did - it may have already kicked in. While we can’t declare the office a treat-free zone, we can be more conscious of what we’re eating. And if we’re really nice, we can bring something healthy to […]

Slow Cooking for Your Health

Fall is the perfect time to start cooking again. The kitchen isn’t as stuffy and you won’t break out in a sweat just thinking about turning on the stove. Plus you can easily cook with no oil and less salt in a slow cooker.
Tip: It’s also a great way to cook dried beans. Just store […]

Getting Back on Track

I have veered off track and gained back a few pounds I lost. I’m disappointed, but also hopeful that I can get my program going again. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves when we are trying to make big life changes.
One of the things that always gets me back on track is to list […]

Tomato, Tomate

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late to grab a little bit of sun-ripened deliciousness off the vine.

My grandma’s garden overflowed with plum tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness when I left for the west coast near the end of August. My mom had so many globes and cherries that […]

Savoring Sugar-Free with Nutty Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Rice

For the past year I have been gradually reducing the added sugars in my diet.  These efforts have culminated into this past month, when I have managed to forgo all added sugars whatsoever.  That’s right … no white sugar, maple syrup, or even agave.  I admit to a sprinkling of stevia in that “green drink” […]

Healthy Snacks that Can Take the Heat

Just in case I wasn’t sure if summer had yet arrived, our thermometer hit triple digits this past weekend to provide a solid confirmation. The warm (or should I say scorching) weather is here, meaning more time outside enjoying the sun. Since this is a food focused blog, I feel no need to […]

New Garlic Spread Delights with Versatility

Such a simple product, yet it really is the first of its kind that I have seen. A mayonnaise-like whip of garlic, oil, lemon juice, and salt. That’s it. Frieda’s slogan is “the specialty produce people,” but fruits and veggies are not all that they do. Frieda’s also offers a range of […]

Plain Old Fruit Never Tasted So Good

To be honest, I had quite the pessimistic attitude when I first came upon these little pouches of fruit by Peeled Snacks. Packaged dried fruit, so what is new? It is just dried fruit, so simple, no wow factor … but to my complete surprise so [counter] revolutionary.
I used to be an avid dried […]